This mouse led us a merry dance!



"There is nothing in which the birds differ more from man than the way in which they can build and yet leave a landscape as it was before."

Robert Lynd

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We are located in Canada and our list of geese lovers are international.  If you have found an injured goose, please provide details like photos showing the injury and your phone number and exact location.  Unfortunately, we  have sent out urgent calls for help and some of our rescuers have driven hours to the location only to find out that there is no goose, probably because the goose was not injured and probably flew away.  Rescuers also spend a lot of valuable time and resources when they go out on calls.  These are volunteers who do this at their own expense.  Often, it seems like a goose is injured when it's not.  If it is seriously injured, for example, if it was run over by a vehicle,  it will be quite easy for you to catch it with a blanket and place it in a pet carrier or a cardboard box with holes cut out on the sides and take it to a wildlife rehabilitation center (Just google "wildlife rehabilitation center" and you will find one nearby) or a veterinarian.  You can also get a friend to help you.  Due to the many unfortunate wild goose chases we've sent our kind folks out to, we will no longer post urgent calls for rescues unless you absolutely cannot help the goose by yourself.  Thank you.