"Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, the world offers itself to your imagination. Calls to you like the wild geese...harsh and exciting... over and over announcing your place in the family of things."

Mary Oliver

"Bury me where the geese will honk over my grave."

Choo Choo Rosenbloom


It was my late husband, Earl Rosenbloom, who conceived of the idea of creating this website to promote love and appreciation for Canada geese.  It was Earl who was with me as we welcomed our feathered friends back from the south.  He was with me everywhere I ventured: down the railroad tracks to feed and photograph our nesting friends, at the park near our house where we cared for them until they migrated in the fall.  He was my champion, my greatest love.  When he passed away in November 2014, I was devastated beyond words.  To say that I miss him is an understatement.  



Earl, Choo and Bangkok

My name is Choo Choo and I live in Winnipeg, Canada.  My beloved cat, Bangkok, passed away suddenly in December 2017, leaving me feeling utterly lonely and depressed.  To ease my loneliness, I decided to foster Theo and I ended up adopting him and his brother, Stewie.  The boys had rough beginnings and were incredibly unsocial when they were brought to the humane society but with love and care, they have become wonderful companions to me.


Stewie and Theo

I enjoy socializing with Canada geese and provide a backyard banquet for the wild birds and feral cats who frequent our backyard year round.  I also enjoy traveling and acquired a new passion when I was visiting my family in Perth, Western Australia in February 2019.  I joined a tour that took us out to Rockingham Bay to swim with wild dolphins.  It was both exhilirating and nerve wrecking but I was hooked and I now dream of swimming with wild whale sharks, beluga whales, etc.  However, no matter where my wandering feet may take me, I am happiest when I return to my beautiful home in Winnipeg which I consider to be my sanctuary.  I also enjoy puttering about in my garden and am a member of several meetup groups, iPhone Photo Academy, Winnipeg Beer Choir and Winnipeg Rocks.

In the past, I have recorded videos of our geese and our cat, Bangkok.  If you'd like to watch some of those videos, please click on the link below:


Here are some of our favorite videos:

1.  Welcome to the Great White North:  enjoy Earl's hilarious commentary.

2.  Escorting Our Geese:  this is pretty funny!

3.  Our geese in a snowstorm

4.  Evening Goose Flights

5.  Morning Goose Flights


  1. Bangkok and the Undercover Mouse
  2. Bangkok and the Metronome


Due to chronic wrist tendonitis, I don't play piano as much or as often as I would like to but I have recorded a few pieces over the years.  If you'd like to watch some of my piano videos, you're welcome to visit me on my YouTube page:





     "Geese possess a veritably human capacity for grief. Agreed, one cannot look into the soul of a goose, and the animal can hardly give us a verbal report of its feelings. But the same is true of a human child. ...In terms of emotions, animals are much more akin to us than is generally assumed."

Nobel Prize Laureate Dr Konrad Lorenz, Father of the Greylag Geese.


"Most people seldom encounter anything but lifeless, man-made things in their daily lives and have lost the capacity to understand living things or to interact with them. That loss helps explain why mankind as a whole exhibits such vandalism toward the living world of nature that surrounds us and makes our way of life possible. It is an important and worthy undertaking to try to restore the lost contact between human beings and the other living organisms of our planet." 

Nobel Prize Laureate Dr Konrad Lorenz, Father of the Greylag Geese.